One of the most difficult obstacle course in track and field is the hurdles.

These obstacles are set at a fixed distance and runners must be able to overcome them as part of the race.

I thought of writing this blog post with the aforementioned title as my central theme. As the year comes to a close, and we’re almost near the finish line, my family and I are holed up together, recalling how 2019 had been one challenging year.

Life has a way of being either beautiful or ugly. Sometimes painfully both. If there was a streak of bad luck for health issues, this was how our story began.

But our story is but one of billions of lives that intertwined in the lives of other people in 2019. And while most of us have seemed to breeze the year unscathed, the rest of us barely made it out with our sanity intact.

2019 was a difficult one. Many of my friends had seen their loved ones on the departure platform. At our age, we need to face the reality that life comes to an end. And that closure will be a disappointing truth.

But like every hurdle we go through, there will be people rooting for you to make it to the finish line. Before this year formally closes, I’d like to thank family, friends, strangers – even those I have only met recently – for their words of encouragement and never say die attitude.

2019 saw the year of the pig come to a close. The animal pig is the last of the animals in the Chinese calendar. It marks the end of the 12 year cycle. January 25, 2020 will usher in the beginning of a new animal cycle with the year of the metal rat. A new cycle of hope.

Ironically, like many other things in life, we greet another year with renewed hope and prayers for better beginnings. Fresh starts provide us with new aspirations, plans, goals…yes…resolutions.

Thank you 2019. You’ve made me stronger. More positive. And realize that somehow, not only does hope spring eternal. But daily miracles are worth praying for.

And I am grateful of the four letter word called LIFE.


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