The weekend summary and data for 04.11.2021

The Health Agency reports 11,681 new cases today pushing the total cases of the Philippines to 864,868. Sunday serves as the day when the recovery haul is reported, with 55,204 recoveries reported today. While this brought the total active cases to 16.9 percent, the number of reported active cases are still high at close to 150,000.

New deaths were reported at 201 for today.

Positivity rates for tests are still past 20 percent and ICU beds and isolation beds based on reports by the DOH is at past critical levels. Reports, however, from respective hospitals are more grim where many private and government hospitals in the LGUs in Mega Manila have passed the brink of despair.

While the reproductive number of the NCR is now lower at 1.24, this should not make the government and the people complacent as the IATF now lowers the quarantine restrictions to MECQ in spite of the high numbers we are still recording. For the week of April 4-10, 2021 alone, the Philippines had almost 70,000 new cases and 1,323 new deaths.

The Health Agency releases the report of the Philippine Genome Center Biosurveillance Report (batches 12-14) based on 1,361 samples sequenced nationally. While most the variants are B. (UK variant), it is quite alarming that there are more B.1.351 (South African variant) as additional cases in the latest batches. Data as of April 9, 2021 showed both the UK and SA variants dominating the type of variants that are present. Note, that not all samples swabbed undergo genomic sequencing.

The following regions continued the daily haul today: NCR, CALABARZON, Central Luzon, and Cagayan Valley. NCR owned 48 percent of the cases in the country. But these four regions accounted for 84 percent of the total cases for the day. Six other regions reported triple digits.

Fourteen of 17 LGUs in the NCR were in the top 20 cities with most cases.

Quezon City continues to dominate among the cities with most cases, Muntinlupa City is seeing a rise in its new cases. This is in relation to the population size of Muntinlupa compared to other LGUs. One must look at the numbers based on a per capita (or population size) and not simply the number of cases alone.

On a provincial level, Cavite continues to lead followed by Rizal and Bulacan. All the provinces in the top 10 report triple digits.

With cases averaging 10,000 daily in the country, the Philippines displaces Sweden and is behind Iraq, which is experiencing a difficult second surge as well but has an average of 7,000 new cases daily. Lower than the 7-day average of the Philippines.

The weekend summary shows the current testing capacity of the Philippines. Note the fewer daily COVID-19 tests conducted within the week interval because of the Holy Week holiday and the share of COVID-19 tests that are positive has skyrocketed past the 5 percent acceptable mark.

On cases and deaths from COVID-19, the Philippines also sees a large sudden peak for deaths and cases. Cases, however, see a tinge of decline, again due to the fewer reports due to the fewer testing done during the Holy Week holiday.

The graph below provides an overview on how select Asian neighbors are faring compared to the Philippines in the COVID19 pandemic.

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