More recoveries bring down active cases…but the PH moves up to rank 26 in total COVID-19 cases

It’s a Tuesday, and as expected, the new cases reported are lower at 7,379, pushing our total cases past 950,000 and the Philippines displacing Belgium for the 26th rank in the world. We remain on track to the 1 Million mark before the end of April and there is no stopping the country from reaching this milestone.

The good news for the day are the 21,664 new recoveries (they don’t wait for the weekend haul anymore), which brings down the active cases to 13.3 percent. Nevertheless, the 127,006 active cases is still quite a surmountable number considering that the cases reported are those where only PCR tests have been done. Patients who have symptoms and not tested using PCR are not reported. Patients who have symptoms and do not undergo any test at all are also not included in the daily count.

The positivity rate is slightly higher today than yesterday at 17.9 percent.

Total new deaths today was 93, bringing the estimated case fatality ratio to 1.95 percent (lower than 1.99 percent recorded yesterday) as there are more recoveries reported daily.

The sad news is that the health system continues to be overwhelmed as the intensive care units in the NCR and ward beds are past the critical level of 70 percent. Majority of the hospitals do not have space for patients requiring critical care already.

The NCR continued to lead the tally but the Rt is now down to 1.01 in Mega Manila (based on todays data) where it reported 2,784 new cases or 37% of the total in the country. While CALABARZON remains in second with 20% of the share of total cases, it is Cagayan Valley that shifted position with Central Luzon with 739 vs 692 new cases respectively.

In Mega Manila, Quezon City continued to lead but Taguig overtook the City of Manila for most cases. Eight cities reported only double digits. Twelve of the 17 LGUs in NCR were among the top 20 cities with most cases.

Among the provinces, while Cavite continued to lead, Isabela was in second spot with 406 new cases.

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