A reprieve today: Additional recoveries on 04.19.2021 keep active cases <15%

The Health Agency reported 9,628 new cases today, highly off-tangent from the usual Monday report. The good news is that it concomitantly reports 9,266 additional recoveries keeping the number of active cases stable at < 15 percent. The total number of cases for the Philippines is now close to 950,000, which we will inevitably cross tomorrow.

Daily positivity rate is significantly lower at 15.4 percent, but tomorrow is a Tuesday and there are likely less tests done on a weekend. We will most likely see less cases again tomorrow and hopefully Wednesday. If we are able to sustain reporting less than 10,000 new cases daily over the week, then we most likely will have lower new cases in the subsequent week. Note, however, that these daily reported cases are based on RT-PCR test results and not rapid antigen tests.

There are 88 new deaths reported today, bringing the estimated national CFR (based on outcome of those who had COVID-19) to 1.99 percent.

Hospital occupancy for intensive care is still at the critical level including the ward beds.

Even the NCR reported significantly less cases today at 3,848 (40 percent) of the total cases. CALABARZON came in second with 2,088 and Central Luzon with 1,334 new cases. Triple digits continued to be reported by Cagayan Valley, CAR, Western Visayas, Central Visayas, Bicol Region and Zamboanga Peninsula. There were 38 cases with NO known location on a regional level.

In the National Capital Region, the numbers are also seeing lower cases today. Even Quezon City had half the cases only compared to yesterday. Remarkable data came from Pasay City which saw only 87 new cases reported. Thirteen of the 17 LGUs were among the top 20 cities with most cases.

Among the provinces, Cavite continued to lead with 730 new cases, followed by Bulacan, Rizal and Laguna. All provinces in the top ten reported triple digits.

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