Thursdays surprise on 04.22.2021

It was a striking deviation from the usual pattern of reporting where the Thursday reports are usually higher than the patterns see on Tuesday and Wednesday. So todays report from the Health Agency of 8,767 new cases was both a welcome news (at a same time quite an unsettling one). Nevertheless, we take the report on a positive note together with the additional 17,138 new recoveries, bringing down the total active cases to 11.1 percent (107,988). The positivity rate is still high at 17.5 percent for April 20. Note that the data on testing as explained in the infographic is data released on April 22 according to reports for April 20, 2021.

There were 105 new deaths reported bringing the case fatality rate for resolved cases (recoveries and deaths) is lower at 1.9% compared to the global CFR which stands at 2.44%.

Globally, Iraq is the 25th country to pass the 1,000,000 mark for number of COVID-19 cases. We are in 26th rank with 971,049 total cases.

The granular data based on region, the cities in the NCR, top ten provinces and top twenty cities are provided below:

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