8,748 to end the last day of April – 04.30.2021

With 8,748 new cases announced by the Health Agency, and less than half that number as recoveries today (4,143) the active cases are up again at 7.1% (73,908). The total number of cases from April 1-30, 2021 officially stood at 281,287 compared to the month of March, which totaled 168,907 cases or almost a 70% increase in number of cases from the previous month. This is disturbing as the NCR plus bubble stays in MECQ, but Metro Manila mayors and the government has allowed some “flexibility” in rules in order to “spur” a fledging economy within the nation’s capital region. Note also that the number of total deaths for the month of March 2021 was only 975, and paled in comparison to the 3,931 deaths for April 2021. An increase of more than 400%.

The tremendous burden on healthcare capacity can still be felt in most hospitals in spite of the Department of Health claiming that only 71 percent of the ICUs in Mega Manila are filled up and a low utilization for isolation bed and ward beds.

Our positivity rate stays above 15% (three times higher than the recommended upper limit of positivity rate as recommended by the World Health Organization), in spite of the more than 54,000 tests last April 28 (reported today).

With the 89 new deaths and fewer recoveries today, the case fatality ratio based on outcomes of COVID19 cases remains unchanged at 1.79%.

Today’s granular data continued to show the NCR outperforming other regions but with slightly lower number of cases at 3,054 or 35% of the total cases today. CALABARZON had slightly more of the daily share than previous days with close to 2000 cases (22%). Central Luzon came in third with 1,124 (13%) cases. These three regions continue to consistently account for 70% of the total cases in the country.

In the National Capital Region, Quezon City continued to lead, albeit at a lower number of 505 new cases (16.5%). Thirteen other LGUs reported triple digits. Fourteen of the 17 LGUs in NCR were among the top twenty cities with most cases.

Among the top ten provinces with most cases, three provinces in the CALABARZON area continued to lead the number of cases – Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal. In Central Luzon, Pampanga took the lead with 348 cases.

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