Plateauing at 8k+ cases (?) on 04.29.2021

After the lower number of cases Tuesday and Wednesday, we’re back at the 8,000 mark with the Health Agency announcing 8,276 new cases today. The number of recoveries today is lower than the number of new cases, with 6,636 new recoveries announced. This brings the total active cases up close to 70,000 (6.7%). The positivity rate is at 16.9 percent with close to 50,000 tests according to reports last April 27.

ICU beds are up at 72 percent today (from 71% yesterday) and new deaths is at 114, giving a case fatality ratio of 1.79 percent (unchanged from the previous day).

Note that the Philippines recorded 168,907 new cases from March 1-31, 2021. From April 1-29, 2020, the country has passed the 1,000,000 total with 272,539 new cases and will most likely breach the 280,000 mark tomorrow. The death count is also depressing news. From March 1-31, 2021, the country recorded 975 new deaths while 3,842 new deaths have been counted from April 1-29, 2021 alone. Death reports will always be late by a few weeks considering the long drawn battle of some patients with COVID-19 who eventually become severe or critical. One has to remember that patients who may be asymptomatic at the start may end up critical because the full spectrum of the disease evolves over a two weeks period.

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