Rt down to 0.66 in NCR as cases continue to decline to <2K/day on 05.10.2021

The deal is that today is a Monday. As trends go, the weekend data will usually tell us how the week will go. And with 6,846 new cases announced by the Health Agency today, we will most likely touch the 5000-6000 range for cases on Tuesday and Wednesday. While the decline is slow, it is appreciable as the country ramps up with the vaccines particularly in the NCR plus bubble. This most likely will be a good trend as the positivity rate dips lower again today at less than 14%.

With 90 new deaths reported today, the case fatality ratio based on outcomes remains steady at 1.77%.

The number of new cases in NCR has begun trending lower than the 2,000 breakpoint, with 1,761 cases today or a little more than 25% of the total cases in the country. CALABARZON reported 1,359 (20%), while Central Luzon owned 852 (12.5%) of the share. These three regions, that once contributed to more than 70% of the total cases in the Philippines now account for 57.5% of the total cases in the country.

In NCR, five LGUs continue to report triple digits, with Quezon City keeping the lead. Twelve of the 17 LGUS managed to still make it to the top twenty cities with most cases.

On a provincial level, Cavite and Laguna continue to haul in the numbers.

On a city level, Zamboanga City, Puerto Princesa and Cagayan de Oro are seeing a rise in numbers in the urban areas outside of NCR. It is noteworthy to mention that Davao City, which has not seen itself in the top twenty cities with most cases for a long time, is back, and landed in 20th spot today.

The updated OCTA Research report for May 10, 2021 shows how well all the LGUs in the NCR are now performing based on May 3-9, 2021 data. Currently daily average is 63% less compared to the peak surge last March 29 to April 4. And the initial projections of 2,000 cases by May 14 has been revised to 1,700 to 1,800 new cases per day. The actual report in full is provided below.

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