Close to 9K as we approach the weekend on 05.28.2021

The higher numbers are back with the Health Agency announcing 8,748 new cases for today. With only 3K plus recoveries, this puts the active cases back to more than 53,000 (4.4% of total). The data is based on a positivity rate of 12.8% from close to 50,000 tests conducted last May 26. Notice that the positivity rate is still high, and remains steady at the 12-13% range for the past weeks. Most of the cases are now spread all over various regions as other regions outside of NCR are seeing rising cases.

There were 187 new deaths announced. This puts the case fatality ratio for outcomes higher now to 1.78% (from 1.77% yesterday). ICU bed utilization on national level remains at 59%. However, this does not reflect the real situation in the different cities or provinces or regions outside of NCR.

While NCR continued to top all regions, it accounted for 18.6% of the cases yesterday. Central Luzon and CALABARZON were second and third, respectively. These three regions alone were responsible for 50% of the total cases today. Note, however, that ALL regions in the country reported triple digits.

In the NCR, Quezon City continued to lead the pack with 424 (26%) new cases. Eleven of 17 cities in Mega Manila are back in the top twenty cities with most cases for the day.

And while Cavite shows its true numbers to lead the provincial level tally today, Cagayan and Pampanga are seeing rises in cases. Among the top ten cities, six of them are outside of the NCR. They are: Davao City, Tuguegarao, Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo City, Bacolod City, and Zamboanga City.

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