Another 7K+ to end the week as the national Rt is up at 0.95 on 05.30.2021

The Health Agency reports 7,058 new cases on the last Sunday for the month of May. Today’s report is based on positivity rate of 13.2% for reports on May 28 with close to 45K tests done. The total number of actives are also up at close to 54K as there are more cases than recoveries. With one day left for the month of May, will we see more than 1.23M total cases?

New deaths reported today were 139. This puts the case fatality ratio for outcomes steady at 1.78%.

Notice the higher hospitalization utilization rate nationally (58%) versus the NCR (54%). As of yesterday, the NCR owned 15.5% of the total cases for the country, while NCR plus bubble (including CALABARZON and Central Luzon) accounted for 50% of the total cases in the nation.

With the cases now spreading to the regions outside of NCR, the cases this week are up, as the Philippines is one of the countries in Asia that takes a U turn in terms of new daily cases. Thailand and Indonesia are two other countries that are seeing an upward rise even before the cases have significantly gone down.

Taiwan and Malaysia, on the other hand, are continue to report rising cases, as Malaysia for the first time landed in number 8 among the top 10 countries with most cases yesterday.

While the Philippines saw an initial decline in cases last Sunday, this was due to a technical glitch in the COVIDKaya system of the country. An issue that was never answered by the agency as to where the unaccounted numbers had gone.

The past two months saw a decline in cases but not enough to reach pre-surge levels. And as the numbers took a downward trajectory, the past few days saw a quick U turn in number of cases. Notice also the confirmed deaths for the months of March to May 28, 2021. While the total deaths are a little less than 21,000 to date, the last 3 months alone accounted for more than 40% of all deaths reported since the beginning of the pandemic in the country.

Testing capacity stayed around the 45K-50K mark as the positivity rate, although on a decline plateaued at 12.5-13.5% in the past week.

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