4,777 new cases on 06.08.2021…because it’s a Tuesday

Because it is a Tuesday, the 4,777 new cases announced today by the Health Agency were from tests done on June 6, 2021 with a very high 14.3% positivity rate (because less than 30,000 tests were done. This tells us that the high positivity rate is due to the low testing being done in the country.). With lower new cases, the active cases are now at 4.4% (56,452). And while they may be lower, they are indicative of the actual number of cases (only the reported ones) in the country.

Number of deaths today are at 95. The case fatality ratio for outcomes is steady at 1.80%.

Note, however, that in spite of the lower cases in the NCR in the past weeks, the utilization for ICU beds is up at 53% from 49% yesterday. An increase of 4%.

While the news came in really really really late, the update for cases by region, provinces and LGUs show that CALABARZON continued to lead on a regional level. This time, Central Luzon overtook NCR for second spot. Western Visayas comes in fourth with a little more than 50 cases separating it from Mega Manila. Ironically, even on a day that reported less cases, ALL regions in the Philippines continued to report triple digits.

In NCR, only Quezon City reported triple digits with 127 new cases. Five of 17 LGUs in NCR landed among the top twenty cities with most cases for the day.

On a provincial level, Negros Occidental and South Cotabato took the lead.

On a city/municipality level, Bacolod City grabbed the lead with 196 cases, followed by Quezon City and Davao City.

The OCTA Research Monitoring provides an update for LGUs with most new cases per day (from June 1-7, 2021). Davao City shows a growth of 44% putting it in the lead among cities with most cases. Quezon City is the only LGU from NCR that is among the top five cities with most cases. The other cities in the top five are: Cagayan de Oro, Bacolod and Iloilo City.

Koronadal and Dumaguete City are reporting growths over 100% with average daily attack rates in the high risk zone.

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