Positivity rate plateaus at 13%, with 5,249 new cases reported on 06.21.2021

With close to 5,300 cases today for reports on June 19 in over 43,000 cases and a positivity rate of 13%, the Philippines now has over 1.36M COVID-19 cases. The active cases remain above 4% (55,847).

There are 128 new deaths today, putting the case fatality ratio for outcomes is steady at 1.82%.

Davao, for the first time, officially took the lead in number of new cases by region, province (Davao del Sur) and City (Davao City) as the outbreak continued to spread across Visayas and Mindanao.

CALABARZON and NCR are in ranks 2nd and 3rd, with NCR owning 11% of the total cases. Western, Central and Eastern Visayas had more cases than NCR and Region IVA combined.

Among LGUs in NCR, Quezon City was the lone city with triple digits and Pateros had a glorious day with ZERO cases.

But it was a day where other LGUs also reported lower cases, which put the NCR LGUs in a precarious position with 8 of 17 cities landing in the top twenty cities with most cases for the day.

As of this post, the Health Agency has announced that around 2% of the Philippine population have been fully vaccinated. At least 6% have received a single dose with the breakdown provided in their graph below.

It would be more interesting to find out how many (in percentage) in the various categories have actually received their vaccines. For example, if there are 1,000,000 HCWs (healthcare workers) in the country and 990,000 have been fully immunized, then that means that 99% of the HCWs have been immunized. This is important as the numbers below do not mean anything if you’re just counting the numbers.

In addition, here is the latest Biosurveillance Report from the Philippine Genome Center on the status of the variants circulating in the country. Alpha and Beta variants remain the predominant variants we are seeing in their random genome sequencing of swabs taken from positive patients in the sequenced date.

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