The Tuesday drop on 06.22.2021 with 3,666 new cases

Because it is a Tuesday, the 3,666 new cases came as good news with more than 31K tests done on a Sunday – June 20. The positivity rate is still up close to 12%. With more than 6810 recoveries, the active cases now decrease to a little more than 52,000 (3.9%).

There are 60 new deaths reported today, putting the case fatality ratio for outcomes at 1.81%. The Tuesday data is lower than the past Tuesday reports. Hopefully, we continue the decline in cases for the whole country as the vaccines continue to roll out.

Of course it came as a surprise that Davao Region suddenly dropped from 600 plus cases to just 87 cases today. But NCR has managed to stay clear of the lead as CALABARZON and Eastern Visayas took the first and second place today.

For the first time, Quezon City reported only double digits. The following cities in NCR, joined QC among the top five – Manila, Pasig, Muntinlupa and Caloocan City. Seven LGUs in NCR reported single digits today. Only 4 of the 17 LGUs were among the top 20 cities with most cases.

Laguna took back the lead on a provincial level, while Bacolod City led among all LGUs in the country in a day that saw fewer cases.

The OCTA Monitoring Report released today notes that the number of cases in the country declined by 8% (averaging 6,027 daily) from June 15-21 and the reproduction number dipping a tad lower at 0.95. The NCR continued to have decreasing cases with a 15% decline from the previous week. Its average daily attack rate is now at 5.07/100,000 population and the Rt = 0.73. Positivity rate for tests is at 7% compared to the national positivity rate of >13%. That is because the bulk of the testing facilities are in Mega Manila, where extensive testing can and is being done .

The data in the LGUs outside of NCR is not good news. Davao City, Bacolod, Iloilo City, Cagayan de Oro and Tacloban remain areas of concern. The variability in the increase of cases in these LGUs, ADAR, hospital bed occupancy rate and ICU rate are parameters that should be monitored rather than just the number of new cases. Hospital utilization is a reflection of how the healthcare system of the LGU is doing and mirrors how the situation of the outbreak in the community.

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