A day with no reported deaths on 07.23.2021

Perhaps we should take the Health Agency report the way it is reported. Of course, one cannot cast some skepticism on whether the data is true or false but we give it the benefit of the doubt – THERE ARE ZERO reported deaths today.

With close to 7,000 cases, the ‘good’ news is that in spite of more new cases than recoveries, there were no new deaths reported. The 6,845 new cases are based on reports from July 21 where a positivity rate of 12.3% was recorded.

So early this morning, the Health Agency reports a glitch in their system. That is why there were ZERO deaths yesterday. They’ve been either having glitches or have had a bad system in reporting because the unknowns are back.

NCR is on top with 1,123 new cases, but the unknowns have been plaguing us for the week. Six regions are seeing more than 500 cases today.

The province of Cebu and Davao del Sur are on the top of the list among provinces with most cases.

On a LGU level, Davao City and Cebu City lead the pack.

In the NCR, it is the unknown that is again in the lead with 211 cases. Among those known, it is the city of Makati, Manila and Quezon City that are lead the pack today.


While the number of cases yesterday was slightly down from a previous Wednesday high, there are several key cities in the country that are seeing increasing cases.

Based on the July 16-22 data, Rt in NCR is up at 1.21 from 0.92 the week before. This is driven by the fact that the average daily new cases in the NCR increased by almost 40%, while the positivity rate remained at 6%.

In NCR, it is the City of Manila and Valenzuela that had the highest increase in cases. It was, however, Manila that had the highest infection rate (Rt = 1.41).

Cebu Province is back in the eye of the storm with Cebu City, Lapu Lapu City and Mandate City seeing infection rates more than 1.79.

Laoag has the highest infection rate at 2.14, with an ADAR (average daily attack rate) of close to 60 per 100,000 individuals.

The Rt nationally, has passed 1.0 and is at 1.06.

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