Second highest new cases and deaths and the data of 08.21.2021

With a few less cases than yesterday, the Health Agency announces 16,694 new cases today. With less recoveries than new cases, the active cases are almost 124,000.

On August 19, more than 65,000 tests were done (one of the highest if not the highest number of tests done in a single day) still yielded more than 25% positivity rate. Or, one in every 4 tested would test positive.

Without a doubt, a more transmissible variant like Delta, is highly likely responsible for the increasing numbers in the community. And it’s the same story we are seeing in many parts of the world.

There were 398 new deaths announced today. This is the second highest number of deaths reported (highest was April 9, when the Health Agency announced 400 deaths) since the pandemic began. The case fatality ratio for outcomes is now at 1.86%. The 1.73% provided by the Health Agency presumes that all the new cases will have good outcome, which is not being realistic about the disease and the healthcare utilization which is now over 70% on the national level and the NCR.

NCR continued to report more than 4,000 cases today with close to 27% of the total cases for the country. CALABARZON, Central Luzon and Central Visayas continued to bring in quadruple digits and up with 44.4% of the cases (from 42% the previous day).

Cavite province, Cebu province and Laguna had the quadruple digits and ranked in the top three among provinces.

On a LGU level, six LGUs from NCR ranked first to sixth spot today – Quezon City, Manila, Taguig, Makati, Caloocan and Pasig. Twelve of 17 LGUs from NCR were among the top 20. In the top 20 LGUs for today were three cities in Cavite, 2 cities in Laguna and 1 city in Rizal.

Many countries in Asia landed in the top twenty countries with most cases globally yesterday.

Japan led with more than 25,000 new cases. Malaysia landed in 7th rank and Indonesia continued to have declining cases but more deaths. Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam are part of the top 20.

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