A good shock, and the data for 10.04.2021

Unexpected. After all, today is a Monday. Yet the lowest number of cases reported on a Monday since the July surge was reported today.

The Health Agency reports 10,748 new cases today and with over 16,000 recoveries, the active cases are down to a little more than 100,000. Another good news. Nevertheless, in spite of the lower cases today, it was enough to push the total of the Philippines past 2.6M. A new milestone. Hopefully, it slows down as it targets the next milestone of 2.7M.

There were close to 60,000 tests done last October 2, a Saturday, with a 20.2% positivity rate (which is still considerably high).

There were 61 new deaths announced today.

The final good news, is that the hospital utilization rate in the National Capital Region is declining slowly as well. ICU utilization rate will always be a late parameter because recovery of severe and critically ill patients will always be delayed.

NCR had a pleasant surprise as well, owning 17% of the total cases in the country today. It was way below the range of percentage of the share of COVID-19 cases. On the flip side of the good news is Northern Luzon, where Regions I, II and CAR are seeing higher cases. NCR plus (CALABARZON and Central Luzon) accounted for 40% of the total cases (a large drop from the usual 50-55%), but Northern Luzon saw a rapid rise to 35% (from 18-25% the previous week) of the share of total cases for the day.

This is reflected in the provincial count where the provinces of Ilocos Sur, Benguet and Nueva Vizcaya have dominated the top provinces for the day.

Even on an LGU level (cities and municipalities), while 9 of 17 LGUs in NCR were among the top 20 cities with most cases, 8 of the LGUs from Regions I, II and CAR were in the list. Baguio City continued to be in number 2 for cities with most cases in the country.

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