The day we tipped four digits and the data for 10.05.2021

Because it’s a Tuesday, we expected lower cases. Well, not that low, considering that we had 10K cases yesterday.

The Health Agency announces 9,055 new cases today. It’s been quite a long while since we tipped four digit numbers. Even the positivity rate is now below the 20% margin, in spite of only 41,673 tests being done last October 3. With more than 12,000 recoveries, the active cases are down to 103,077.

Unfortunately, with the glitches on the COVIDKaya system, no deaths were announced today.

Healthcare utilization is also lower in both the national level and NCR.

While NCR and CALABARZON continue to lead among regions with most cases, generally, the number of cases are lower today. It is, however, the regions in Northern Luzon that continue to see increasing cases in spite of the lower cases nationally.

The regional data is reflected also in the provincial level as the provinces of Isabela and Benguet continue the 1-2 lead, and three other provinces in the north, namely, Nueva Vizcaya, La Union and Ifugao are among the top ten provinces with most cases for the day.

It was a half and half scenario in the LGU level, where 10 of 17 LGUs in NCR were in the top 20 list, while the remaining 10 were from outside of NCR.

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