A four digit Wednesday and the data of 10.06.2021

Well, we all know that Tuesdays and Wednesdays will yield lower numbers. And we’re seeing this consistent trend as the Health Agency reports 9,868 new cases. And with only 133 new recoveries counted, the active cases are up at past 112,000.

There were 43,759 tests done last October 4, bringing the positivity rate to 18.2%.

With the glitches hounding COVIDKaya, no deaths were reported again for the second consecutive day.

The good news (well let’s just call it good) is the decline in healthcare utilization in both the NCR and nationally. The NCR’s HCUR has dropped considerably, with ICU utilization now < 70% (critical mark).

The NCR continued to see less than 2,000 cases today and surprisingly, CALBARZON and Central Luzon now report three digits! However, Cagayan Valley is seeing a continued rise in cases as it comes second to NCR with more than 1,500 today. The bad news is that ALL regions reported three digits today.

On a provincial level, it was surprising that Cavite and Laguna did not land in the top ten. Three provinces in the north ranked 1-3. They are: Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya and Benguet.

Only 9 of 17 LGUs in NCR are among the top twenty cities with most cases today. Davao City, Baguio City, Zamboanga City and Solano (in Nueva Vizcaya) were among the top 10.

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