Another 5K plus day and the data for 10.23.2021

It seems that the weekend is on track for seeing cases between 5-6K, as estimated, where the 7-day average by end of the month of October should have dropped to around 5,000.

With 5,807 new cases announced by the Health Agency today, the Philippines has a 7-day average of around 5,700/day. Total tests done on October 21 was 58,834 with a positivity rate of 10.3%. ICU utilization in the NCR remains at less than 50%, but depending on the LGU, this will vary and remains highest in Muntinlupa City.

Total deaths announced today was 65.

While the country enjoyed a tad bit lower cases today, it was the NCR that pulled in a surprise with 21% or more than 1/5 of the total share of today’s total. CALABARZON came in second with half the total of NCR’s numbers. The other regions saw a slight drop in cases.

Isabela Province topped the provincial level, but two other provinces in the north of Luzon – Pangasinan and Cagayan – were in the top ten.

The telling story are the cases in the LGU level where 12 of 17 LGUs in NCR were in the top 20 list. When most of the LGUs in NCR are part of the top twenty, on a day when the over-all total cases are slightly lower, you know that NCR will account for a higher share than the rest. Zamboanga City, Bacolod City, Davao City and Tuguegarao were among the top 10.

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