2,087 new cases and the data for 11.08.2021

It is a good start for the week considering that more than 43,000 tests were done last November 6 with a positivity of 5.2%.

The Health Agency announces 2,087 new cases with a decrease in active cases to a little more than 32,000.

The ICU utilization rate, however, is up in the National Capital Region from a previous of 37% to 40% currently as more unvaccinated individuals continue to fill the critical care facilities. Notice that as the active cases decline, there are less mild and asymptomatic individuals (70%). The remaining 30% of the 32,077 cases are either moderate, severe or critical. That’s almost 10,000 people in this category.

There were 91 new deaths added today.

NCR owned almost 19% of the total cases today with 388 recorded. Cagayan Valley came in second with 232 cases, while six regions reported more than 100 cases but less than 200.

While Negros Oriental continued to lead on a provincial level, the cases are lower today with ALL provinces in the top 10 reporting only double digits.

Quezon City reported 90 cases, accounting for 23% of the total cases in NCR. Again, none of the LGUs reported triple digit cases. All other LGUs, except for Quezon City, reported less than 50 cases. Eight of 17 LGUs in NCR were in the top 20 list. The lowest number of cases among LGUs was 16 for today (much lower than the 19 yesterday). Which meant that if your LGU had 16 cases, it would be included in the top 20 list.

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