The lowest Tuesday since January 2021 and the data for 11.09.2021

As expected, the numbers will always be lower on Tuesdays. Today, the Health Agency reports 1,409 new cases from reports last November 7 where more than 30,000 tests yielded 5.4% positivity rate. This also brings down the 7-day average to less than 2,000 cases/day.

The slowing down of the cases is reflected also in the lower active cases which is not at a tad above 30,000.

Another 46 deaths was reported today.

NCR had a very bad day today. With only 1,409 new cases in the country, NCR contributed to 22% of the total cases with 307 cases. Four other regions reported triple digits but had a little more than 100 cases only.

On a provincial level, all provinces continued to report double digits but at low numbers.

It was Quezon City that continued to report triple digits with 118 new cases or almost 40% of the cases in NCR alone. Nine of 17 LGUs in NCR were in the top 20 list with the least number of cases in the top 20 at 13 for today. Which means that if your LGU saw 13 cases, that LGU would be among the top 20 cities/municipalities with most cases.

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