Triple digits and the data for 11.16.2021

It’s been awhile since we have seen triple digits. The last time we reported cases in triple digits was December 2020. The lowest recorded for the month of December 2020 was 756 on December 28.

The Health Agency announces 849 new cases today, as there are more recoveries, only a little more than 25,000 active cases are left in the tally. The cases today are based on a little more than 28,000 tests done on Sunday, November 14. Positivity rate was 3.2%.

Among the active cases, 35% are moderate to critical. That’s more than 8,900 individuals. Critical and severe cases are at 16.4%.

There are 99 new deaths added today.

While the total COVID-19 cases in the country slowed down (because it is a Tuesday), it was the NCR that accounted for almost 1/4 of the total cases today. This may be due to the fact that NCR is the densest, smallest, yet most populous region. It also has most of the testing facilities in the country (almost 50%), meaning more testing is done.

The continuing saga of Quezon City is the story of the data today. While NCR reported 207 (of the 849) cases today, it was Quezon City that went far and beyond with owning 114 (55%) of the cases in NCR. The LGU in the NCR that came in second was the City of Manila, with 14 cases. For today alone, more than 13% of the cases came from one LGU – Quezon City.

The fewest cases among cities/municipalities in the top 20 list today was 7. Meaning if your LGU had 7 cases, it would be in the list.

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