2,227 with backlogs to end the week and the data for 11.21.2021

With backlogs coming in, the Health Agency reports 2,227 new cases today, the highest since November 10. The data, however, is not in congruence with the number of tests done from November 19 where close to 40,000 tests yielded a positivity rate of 2.8%. The total number of new cases today would actually have been less than 1,000. But with data backlogs, the Department of Health will need to reconcile these and will need to report it. When corrected, we should start seeing lower cases the week after.

The number of active cases are a little over 21,000 while the number of deaths added are 175, bringing the total deaths to more than 47,000 and the highest in the region for the past 7 days.

With backlogs added today, the total in the NCR is up at 429 new cases. CALABARZON AND Central Luzon have 351 additional cases apiece, while Cagayan Valley reported 211 new cases. The surprise of the day was SOCCSKSARGEN that jumped to 5th rank with 175 cases.

Isabela, South Cotabato and Bulacan led the provinces with triple digits today.

On an LGU level, Quezon City takes back the lead with more than 21% of the total cases in NCR. Three LGUs in Cotabato province and 2 in Isabela are among the top 20 list, together with 7 of 17 LGUs in the NCR.


It was another good week as cases continued to decrease to < 1,500 for the 7 day average. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the same story with the deaths, as the 7-day average death rate continued to climb.

While the Philippines is doing considerably well in terms of new cases with 12.99 cases/M population (per capita) among select Asian nations, it is doing worst in terms of deaths – with 2.14 deaths/M population due to COVID-19. The highest among the same select Asian nations.

A snapshot on summary of cases, tests, positivity rate and reproduction number shows the Philippines on a declining trajectory.

Compared to the other select Asian countries, we’re doing quite well and staying steady between 1000-1500 cases this week, with lower positivity rates in tests, and a reproduction number that touches 0.5.

How will the upcoming week fare?

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