Better outlook for NCR and the data for 12.08.2021

The Health Agency announces 370 new cases today based on close to 29,000 tests done with 1.6% positivity rate last December 6, 2021. The active cases drop to 12,510 with more than 53% of them falling into the category of moderate to critical.

There are 171 new deaths announced today.

The NCR saw 96 new cases today with Quezon City owning almost 30% of the total cases. Six regions report single digits, while the rest of the regions report less than 50 cases apiece.

Negros Occidental led among provinces with 23 new cases, and it was a breather to see three provinces in the top ten list reporting single digits.

Only Quezon City reported more than 20 cases, at 27. The rest of the LGUs had 12 or less cases. Thirteen of the 17 LGUs in NCR were among the top 20 list, but notice that ALL the LGUs in NCR, except for QC had single digit cases. Four cases was the least number in the top 20 list today.


The good news is the very low risk category for NCR, the largest and most dense region in the country (and one of the most dense in the world) with just 105 new cases/day (based on the 7 day average from December 1-7). The R is at 0.34 (fantastic) while the positivity rate in Mega Manila is at an all time low of 1.1%! Only the city of Muntinlupa has moderate risk in terms of ICU rate utilization. Note that this is based on a total of 18 bed capacity for Muntinlupa City, with 12 beds still currently occupied based on data from the Department of Health. The three hospitals with ICU occupancy based on the data of the Department of Health are: Ospital ng Muntinlupa, Asian Hospital and Medical Center Muntinlupa.

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