0.9% positivity rate, 235 cases and 10 deaths and the data for 12.14.2021

It’s a Tuesday. And a good day to announce this kind of data.

So we have 235 new cases, our lowest since April 26, 2020 based on 24,120 tests done last December 12, with a positivity rate of <1.0% (again our lowest). The active cases are slightly above 10,000 and at this trajectory, we should see active cases fall into the four digits this week. Unfortunately, more than 55% of the active cases are moderate to critical.

There are 10 deaths added today.

The NCR had one of the lowest cases in the whole pandemic with just 53 cases. All other regions reported double and single digit cases.

Only four provinces had double digits with 12 and less cases, while the others in the top 10 are single digit cases.

Among LGUs, only three cities report double digits – Manila, Quezon City and Davao City. The other top 10 LGUs have single cases with 3 cases as the fewest today.

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