NCR continues to be at very low risk and the data for 12.13.2021

The week before Christmas week begins on a good note with 360 new cases based on close to 36,000 tests done last December 11 with a 1.1% positivity rate. The active cases continue to decline but is still relatively high as the backlog among these remain unresolved. This accounts for the close to 55% active cases falling under moderate to critical category.

Additional 61 deaths (mostly from backlogs as well) are added today.

With lowering cases, beginning this issue, the LGU will feature only the top 10 for the day. Other presentations – by region, NCR and by province will remain the same.

NCR reports 65 cases today or 18% of the total cases in the country. All other regions report less than 35 cases, with three regions having only single digit cases.

Among provinces, Negros Occidental led with 23 cases while all the rest had 20 cases or less.

On an LGU level, Quezon City and General Santos were the only ones with double digit cases at 13 apiece. All other LGUs report single digit with 6 cases as the fewest in the top TEN list.

In NCR, only Quezon City had double digit cases with all the remaining cities reporting single digit cases and three LGUs having ZERO covid. They latter are: Navotas, San Juan, and Pateros.


Of course the week needs to start with some good news first. In a region of close to 15M people, having 91 new daily cases is the icing on the cake.

All 17 LGUs in the NCR are at either low or very low risk. Only the cities of Muntinlupa, Quezon City, Malabon and Makati are at low risk, while the rest are at very low risk. This is because while the cases in Muntinlupa City average 2/day and continues to have a decrease in growth, an ADAR of 0.37 and an R of 0.29, its health care utilization rate is at 37% and the ICU rate is moderate at 61%. The hospital that leads in the ICU rate based on the website of the Department of Health is Ospital ng Muntinlupa. Strangely, Ospital ng Muntilupa has a 66.7% occupancy for their ICU (8 of 12), yet NONE of the patients in the hospital are moderate to critical. COVID-19 suspects are admitted to the ICU in Ospital ng Muntinlupa.

The other cities that are considered low risk are classified into this category considering their HCUR being above 30% and ICU rates at more than 30% as well.

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