A manic Monday and the data for 01.10.2022

So the cases continue to rise. And there are a few key take away points the readers should remember.

  1. Even if there are more tests being done lately, the longer turn around time is making the RT-PCR result less useful. It also means that the data is not real-time as the results from tests are pending.
  2. With even laboratory personnel and other healthcare workers sick or in quarantine, the test results will definitely be delayed. Quality control is also vital because if the lab personnel is sick, then it is highly likely that contamination of specimen can result in a false positive test.
  3. Rapid antigen tests are not included in the daily numbers. There is no approximation here, but it can be 3-5x higher than what is being reported.

With that introduction, the Health Agency reports 33,169 new cases today, based on more than 73,000 tests done last January 8 with a positivity rate of 46%. NCR’s positivity rate is already past 50%, so the data is now a blur in Mega Manila. The active cases spike up to more than 157,000 as the total number of COVID19 cases in the Philippines will break the 3M mark tomorrow.

It’s important to remember that the bed capacity CANNOT and SHOULD not be used as an indicator of moderate risk because the proportion of healthcare workers who are sick is the disconnection here. Obviously, bed capacity is low because the wards are closed, because manpower is down. An intelligent manager would take this into consideration.

How a holiday break and the presence of Omicron could send the country spiraling out of control in the pandemic are beyond belief.

There are 145 additional deaths today.

The NCR accounted for fewer cases today at 56% of the total cases, in spite of the more than 18,000 in the region. But CALABARZON and Central Luzon continue the surge of cases as CALABARZON now approaches almost the 10,000 cases mark. Almost all regions are seeing a slow but steady rise of cases.

The four provinces that led the provincial numbers today are: Cavite, Rizal, Bulacan and Laguna. The province of Benguet now joins the top 10 provinces and we may be seeing a rise in their cases soon. The cases in Northern Luzon are on an upward trend.

Among LGUs, 15 of the 17 LGUs in NCR are in the top 20 list, led by Quezon City with almost 5000 cases and the City of Manila with more than 2,500 cases. Four other NCR LGUs report quadruple digits, while the LGU in 20th spot is Imus, Cavite with 427 cases today.

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