The PH breaches the 3M mark and the data for 01.11.2022

The backlogs inevitably had to be counted. So today’s 28,007 new cases announced by the Health Agency for 58,409 tests done on January 9 with a positivity rate of 44.5% included around 3,000 backlog reports.

Active cases are now at more than 180,000 as the country breaches the 3M COVID-19 count. Notice, however, the increase HCUR (health care utilization capacity) in the country and most especially in the NCR.

While more than 97% of the cases are mild or asymptomatic AT THE TIME OF TESTING, hospitalization and progression of disease is a lagging indicator.

There are 219 additional deaths today.

Resident OCTA Fellow, Prof. Guido David, drills down the situation in the NCR as it plows through a severe outbreak for COVID19. Notice the almost 700% jump in 7-day average cases of the week December 28, 2021 – January 3, 2022 versus the January 4-10, 2022 week. And the outbreak is spiraling out of control (not that it isn’t obvious because anyone who denies this is either blind or dumb) as the other parameters – ADAR, Rt, positivity rate in tests – have gone through the roof.

While the hospitalization and ICU utilization rate may still be at moderate risk, remember that this is a lagging indicator and because healthcare worker manpower is severely affected, there is a disconnection between the bed capacity and manpower capacity. Many hospitals in the NCR are currently undermanned and cannot accept patients because of this critical situation among HCWs.

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