40% of the cases on 04.02.2022 are from NCR

The Health Agency announces 376 new cases and 26 added deaths today, with a 7-day average of 2.0% for positivity tests.

The downside is that as the cases in the country continue to slow down, the NCR accounts for the bulk. Today, the NCR had 149 cases (40%).

Five LGUs posted double digits, with the City of Manila leading the pack with 30 cases. Quezon City and Caloocan had 20 apiece, while Pasay City reported 18 and Taguig City 14. On the flip side is that, while the remaining LGUs in Mega Manila continue to report single numbers, Mandaluyong and Pateros report zero covid cases today.

Outside of NCR, the following provinces/HUCs (highly urbanized cities) report double digits: Cavite 18, Rizal 15, Bulacan 14, Bataan 12, Iloilo 30 (19 province, 11 city), and Cebu 10 (7 province, 3 city). Other areas report single to zero cases.

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