The low Tuesday and the data for 04.26.2022

The Health Agency announced 123 new cases and 1 added death today. The low Tuesday does not reflect the actual number of cases the Philippines has, as the Department of Health’s data lags behind that of the local government units (LGUs). Only 38 cases were from the National Capital Region today.

None of the LGUs in NCR reported double digits today (strangely low…like a calm before the storm). The City of Manila had the most cases at 7, while Caloocan City and Pasay City were second with 6 each. Four LGUs reported zero COVID in Mega Manila today. They were: Valenzuela, Malabon, San Juan and Pateros.

Outside of NCR, there were also low cases in the provinces as all provinces and HUCs (highly urbanized cities) reported single digit numbers.

Again, this data should be taken with caution because this is data from a Sunday (low day for testing) and that many people with mild symptoms do not test. Even if they do, majority do antigen testing, which is not counted in the daily national tally for COVID19.

Please do not become complacent of the situation. While the variants of omicron may be mild, the vulnerable and those who are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated are at higher risk for developing severe disease.

Note that the percentage of positives are up today (at around 1.4%) compared to yesterday’s 1.1%. This means that we will most likely see a bump up in the numbers in the subsequent days.

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