The week in review, the discrepancies, and the data for 04.25.2022

The Health Agency’s weekly summary showed 1465 new cases the week of April 18-24, 2022 or an average of 209 cases a day. This was a decline of 12% of cases from the previous week.

Now here’s the part we missed. Healthcare utilization for non ICU beds decreased from 4164 out of 24,645 bed the week of April 11-17 to 4112 out of 24,309 beds the week of April 18-24. Notice that there was no movement in over-all utilization for non ICU beds at 16.9%.

On the other hand, ICU bed utilization on April 11-17 was 450 out of 2,842 ICU beds but up at 479 out of 2,841 ICU beds for the week of April 18-24. This meant that ICU bed utilization was up from 15.8% to 16.9%. While still considered very low risk (<20%), notice that the severe and critical admissions are up from 664 the week of April 11-17 to 726 the week of April 18-24. According the Health Agency, there was only ONE severe and critical case from April 11 – 17. And based on today’s bulletin, there were ZERO severe and critical cases from April 18-24. So what accounts for the jump in severe and critical admissions AND the jump in ICU bed utilization?

Total target population fully vaccinated is slightly up from 74.28% to 74.98% as a little more than 880,000 are added to the fully vaccinated list. A2 coverage (senior citizens) is also up from 76.14% to 76.35% this week. Individuals who had ONE additional booster was almost 300,000 the week of April 16-22 or almost twice that of the previous week.

There were more deaths the week of April 18-24 as 213 deaths were added to the list, compared to the week of April 11-17 where 200 deaths were announced.

The Health Agency announces 213 new cases and 12 added deaths today. The NCR led the haul with more than 46% of today’s cases. The week starts off with a positivity rate of 1.1% or a paltry 151 positive from 13,734 individuals tested yesterday.

Three LGUs in NCR had double digits – Makati (17), Manila (16) and Quezon City (13). While the rest had single digits, two LGUs reported zero covid – Pateros and Marikina.

Outside NCR, only one province reported double digits – Cavite with 13.

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