The week in review and the data for 05.02.2022

The Health Agency releases the week of April 25-May 1, 2022 summary report. While we had only 1399 new cases, the 7-day average cases stayed at 200 (the week before was 209) or a 5% drop in total cases for the week of April 25-May 1 versus April 18-24. Of the 215 deaths reported the past 7 days, only 40 of them were recent. The 175 were backlog cases. Incidentally, there were more deaths this week (215) than last week (213).

The over-all healthcare utilization is slightly down this week at 16.3% (vs 16.9% last week) for non ICU beds and at 16.1% (vs 16.9% last week) for ICU bed utilization. However, the number of severe and critical admissions did not significantly change (726 last week vs. 723 this week).

Vaccination coverage of eligible population as fully vaccinated is up from 74.98% to 75.45% this week. However, the number of vaccinees this week was an added 425,000+ people. A2 coverage is a tad up at 76.48% this week compared to 76.35% last week. There were less individuals who took advantage of a booster or additional dose this week (292,000+) compared to last week (297,000+).

Again, there were no added severe or critical cases this week. This should be interpreted with caution as this meant that these were patients who presented as critical/severe at the time of swabbing.

The Health Agency announces 188 new cases and 3 deaths today. NCR owned 75 or 40% of today’s cases. Only two LGUs reported double digits in NCR – Caloocan City 12 and Manila 11. The rest reported single digits with Marikina, Malabon and Pateros reporting zero covid.

Outside of NCR, two provinces reported double digits. Cavite 12 and Iloilo 15 (13 provinces, 2 city).

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