East Asia rundown and the data for 05.22.2022

The Health Agency announces 191 new cases with 0 added deaths today. NCR owned 55 of the total cases with only Quezon City reporting double digits – 10. Five LGUs announced zero covid. They were: Valenzuela, Marikina, Malabon, San Juan and Pateros.

Outside of NCR the following provinces report double digits: Cavite 13 and Bulacan 10.


This week saw a slight uptick in cases in the Philippines as the reproduction number now fluctuates around 1.0. Two things happened this week in the country. At the beginning of the week the Health Agency announces that community transmission for subvariant BA.2.12.1 is confirmed. On Saturday, May 21, the Health Agency also announces the presence of BA.4 from an OFW who arrived from the Middle East early May.

Based on the effective reproduction rate, Taiwan still has Rt >2 and will continue to see increasing cases the upcoming week. Brunei sees an uptick in their cases and in their Rt as well. The Philippines and Indonesia also have a reproduction rate indicating plateauing of cases for now.

The Philippines ends with a 7-day average of 150 new daily cases as of May 20, still the lowest among the East Asian nations. Note, however, that testing has also decreased significantly in the country, as those that test positive on rapid antigen testing (RAT) do not under RT-PCR any longer due to cost issues.

Taiwan continued the upward trajectory, while all other countries a seeing a significant downtrend in cases, with Brunei, Indonesia and the Philippines plateauing (or slightly up) from the previous week.

On a per capita basis, Taiwan has ore than 3500 cases per million population, while Brunei is now in second with more than 600 cases per million. Indonesia has less than 1 case per million population.

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