The week in review for May 16-22, 2022 and the data for 05.23.2022

For the week of May 16-22, 2022, there were 1,214 new cases or almost 10% MORE cases than the week of May 9-15 (where 1,118 cases were reported). Of the 1,214 cases for the past week, 14 of them were tagged as severe and critical at the time of diagnosis and only 6 deaths were added (3 that occurred on May 9-22).

Healthcare utilization for non-ICU beds and ICU beds were lower (17.4% vs. 17.5% the previous week for non-ICU beds and 15.4% vs 15.6% this week vs the previous week for ICU beds). However, the cases of severe and critical admissions are up at 718 (12.9% of total COVID-19 admissions) this past week compared to the week of May 9-15, which stood at 588 (10.6% of total COVID-19 admissions).

Full vaccination coverage is at 76.71% which is a tad higher than the 76.29% in the previous week as more than 377,000 more individuals completed the two doses to be considered fully vaccinated. The A2 coverage is up at 77.22% compared to a previous 77.12% as more than 240,000 individuals availed of the first booster shot.

The Health Agency announces 191 new cases today (same as yesterday) with 0 added deaths. Unlike, however, the previous weeks where the announcement on a Monday would reflect a lower positivity rate, today the positivity rate is up at 1.3% (out of only 13,811 individuals tested).

The NCR owned 70 of today’s cases. Two LGUs have double digits – Manila with 16 and Quezon City with 12. While the other LGUs in Mega Manila continue to report single digits, five of them have more than 5 cases while three report zero covid. Those with zero covid were: Marikina, Navotas and Pateros.

Outside of NCR, the provinces that had double digit numbers were: Cavite 20 and Batangas 14.

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