East Asia rundown and the data for 06.05.2022

The Health Agency announces 219 new cases with no added deaths today. It was NCR that is on a upward roll with 111 (>50%) of the days numbers.

LGUs in NCR with double digits today were: Quezon City 23, Makati 22, Manila 16 and Parañaque 13. Those with zero covid were: Navotas and Pateros.

No province reported double digits today.


East Asia is seeing a decline in cases, as most of the countries are seeing lowering or stable reproduction numbers. Three countries continue to have five-digit 7-day averages. This is led by Taiwan that has more than 75,000 daily cases, Japan with ~20,000 and South Korea which drops to a little more than 12,000 cases.

Thailand, Singapore,, Malaysia and Vietnam have low four digit numbers, while the rest including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Brunei, China and the Philippines are seeing lower triple digits.

On a per capita basis (number of cases per million population), Taiwan continued to lead with more than 3000 per million people. Brunei, Singapore, South Korea and Japan have triple digits and when compared to population size, it is Japan that is seeing less cases based on per capita with 161 cases/million people. Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam are seeing double digits per capita, while the Philippines, Indonesia are at single digit with 1.16 and 1.10 per million people, respectively.

Only China has <1.0 case per million people.

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