The week in review and the data for 06.06.2022

The Health Agency announces the new cases for the week of May 30-June 5, 2022 was at 1,295. This means that we had a 7-day average of 185 cases/day or a 1.4% lower number of cases compared to May 23-29, where the cases for that week totaled 1,317 (or a 7 day average of 188 daily new cases). These numbers mean – THERE WAS NO CHANGE IN THE WEEK ON WEEK NUMBER OF CASES.

What stood out, however, was that this week, there ere 16 severe and critical cases (compared to the 12 last week) and there was one added death (which occurred in January 2022). There was no recent death reported.

In terms of healthcare utilization, non-ICU bed utilization was at 18.1% (vs. 17.2% the previous week) and ICU bed utilization at 14.7% (compared to 16.8% the previous week). Severe and critical admissions are down to 599 (vs. 679 the previous week).

Fully vaccinated is at 77.20% (compared to 77% the previous week) as only a little more than 155,000 were added. The A2 is also slightly up at 77.33% (compared to the 77.29% previous week). Only 174,278 had boosters/additional doses given this past week compared to the close to 240,000 the week of May 23-29, 2022.

The Health Agency announces 179 new cases with no added deaths today. The not so good news part is that of the 11,260 individuals tested on June 5, 200 or 1.8% tested positive.

The NCR owned 80 (45%) of the cases today. Three LGUs that had double digits today were: Quezon City 17, Manila 13, and Las Piñas 10. Those reporting an unusually uptick in cases included Muntinlupa with 6 and Makati with 7. LGUs in Mega Manila with zero covid were: Marikina, Malabon, San Juan and Pateros.

Outside of NCR, Cavite reported double digits with 13 cases. Other provinces/HUCs with slight bump up of cases were: Bulacan 8, Zamboanga City 6, Cagayan 4, and Ifugao 3.

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