East Asia in review and the data for 09.04.2022

The Health Agency announces 2321 new cases, 49 added deaths and 12.3% positivity rate today. NCR owned 813 (35%) of the cases.

There were 3 LGUs in NCR with triple digits: NCR 178, Manila 114 and Taguig 102. LGUs with double digits were: Makati 65, Parañaque 62, Pasig 47, Caloocan 46, Mandaluyong and Muntinlupa 31, Valenzuela 28, Marikina 27, Pasay City and Las Piñas 25 and Malabon 12.

Outside of NCR, only Cavite had triple digits with 138 cases.

Provinces or HUCs with more than 50 but less than 100 cases based on RT-PCR results were: Laguna 84, Rizal 75, Batangas 55, Bulacan 83, Iloilo 61, Cebu 85, Davao del Sur 72 (with Davao City owning 67).


The Philippines saw a decline in cases this week as it sees lower reported RT-PCR documented cases which now averages 2350/day. Japan and South Korea also continued to see a decline in numbers. However, two countries saw continuing rising cases – Taiwan and Hong Kong – this week.

The upward trend in these small nations has put them in the forefront of COVID-19 cases per capita (per million population), displacing erstwhile second placer Japan. With Hong Kong averaging almost 10K cases per day and Taiwan up at almost 30K daily cases, their COVID-19 numbers are up on a per capita basis. Both Hong Kong and Taiwan have almost 1300 cases/million population daily.

Effective reproduction rate is lower in the East Asia region, which means that we should be seeing lower cases again in the region this coming week. The Rt of the Philippines is now down to 0.82 (+/- 0.05), but this can drastically change with the opening of face-to-face classes.

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