The world in review and the data for 11.06.2022

The Health Agency announces 1010 new cases with 34 added deaths and 11.1% positivity rate. NCR owned less than 20% of the day’s cases with Iloilo leading with 61 cases followed by Cebu with 60, Baguio City 59, and Davao del Sur with 56. Other provinces with 20 but less than 50 cases were: Cavite 37, Laguna 33, Pangasinan 24, Kalinga 21, Bulacan 33, and Negros Occidental 21.

In NCR, the most cases came from Quezon City with 35. Nine other LGUs had low double digits: Manila 25, Pasig 19, Taguig, Parañaque and Las Piñas with 16 each, Makati 15, Marikina 13 and Pasay and Mandaluyong with 11 each.


The number of new weekly cases continued to decline, with a decrease of 17% for the week October 24-30, 2022 versus the previous week with > 2.3M reported new cases. The real number of incident cases are underestimated due to a decline in global testing. New weekly deaths also continued to decrease by 5% compared to the previous week, but has remained consistently the same in the Philippines week on week, in spite of the decreasing number of cases.

On a regional level, only the Region of the Americas and the Western Pacific Region saw an increase (+5%) in number of cases, with the rest of the world seeing a large decline, especially in the African (-39%) and European (-34%) region. Number of deaths have increased in the African Region (+155%), Americas (+23%), South East Asian Region (+13%) and Western Pacific Region (+7%). Note that the Philippines belongs to the Western Pacific Region.

At the country level, highest new weekly case were from Germany, Japan, USA, China and Republic of Korea. Highest number of weekly deaths were from the US, Russia, Italy, Brazil and China.

The reproduction rate in the Philippines continued its decline to 0.83 (+/- 0.05), but must be sustained to <0.5 for four consecutive weeks with a positivity rate that is <5% to indicate that the country has truly lower cases. With the positivity rate still at 11.2%, the cases being reported daily are not reflective of the real number of cases in the country due to under testing, and hence, under reporting.

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