The world in review and the data for 11.13.2022

The Health Agency announces 1858 new cases with 6 added deaths and 10.4% positivity rate. NCR owned only 18.8% of the day’s cases as the provinces take a big hit in the reported cases today (some of which may actually be late reports but are being reported only today).

In the lead in the provinces is Cebu with 120 cases followed by Cavite 87, Davao del Sur 84, Rizal 72, Iloilo 66, Laguna 65, Negros Occidental 59, Nueva Vizcaya 52 (including the City of Santiago) Cagayan province 48, Bulacan 41, Baguio City 40, Pangasinan 37, Batangas 36, Tarlac 33, and South Cotabato 31. Many provinces have double digit figures today.


The world continued to see a drop of cases by 15% on the week of October 31 to November 6, 2022 compared to the previous week. There were only 2.1 M cases reported globally compared to the >2.3M cases the week prior. Again, the true number of incident cases is an underestimation due to the decline in global testing. The number of new weekly deaths also continued to decline, this week by 10%, with 9400 deaths reported.

At the regional level, newly reported weekly cases were up in South East Asia Region (+28%) and the Western Pacific Region (+10%). This correlated with the number of deaths as there was increase in deaths in the South East Asia Region (+535% mainly due to batch reporting from India) and the Western Pacific Region (+8%).

At the country level, the highest number of new weekly cases were reported from Japan (+42%), South Korea (+24%), the USA (+5%). The highest number of weekly deaths came from the United States, India (again due to batch reporting), China, Russia and France.

Reproduction rates in the East Asia region was up (Rt>1.0) in South Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and China. The Philippines continued to hold its reproduction number at 0.83 (+/-0.05) indicating flat or no changes. The week prior, the lower numbers in the Philippines was due to the 4-day long weekend where testing is hardly done during the long holidays. Like the global trend, cases of COVID-19 in the Philippine are under reported and under estimated. The positivity rate of the Philippines remains more than 10% at 10.6% as of November 12, 2022.

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