Love songs always make me cry

They say that music is a piece of art that goes in the ears and straight to the heart.

Music is poetic justice at its finest. It’s a beautiful expression of sadness, loss, beauty, courage, anger, frustration, patriotism, happiness, fear. In all these situations, there is one message it brings – it talks about love.

Of all the ways love is shared music serves as the universal language of understanding the virtue of love.

Music calms my soul and takes me to a place away from my problems and anxieties. It’s therapeutic to the weary heart and soul. It is where we sometimes find an escape from all the worries and cares of the world.

A lullaby. A ballad. Rock. Sonata. Opera. Pop. Soul. Whichever genre we choose, there will always be a song that will be your story.

Music no matter how sad or happy will always bring us home to the miracle and magic of our life journeys.

Sometimes it feels like the lyrics to a song you’re listening to were written just for you.

The song. The lyrics. The melody. The mood. Love songs will always make me cry.

Because in my life, I have lived kindly and loved without regrets.