The hangover

Jet lag.

Who was it that once said

After a vacation, one will always need another vacation to get over the hangover.

On the flight back, I was already contemplating on where our next travel destination would be.

More importantly, is the when.

Traveling on a vacation isn’t a spur of the moment decision. This decision is based on the factor of resources. I peg an actual vacation budget, then try to look for bargain destinations and airline fares that fit this. or comes in helpful as well when you want to look for bargain and discounts on hotels to your destination.

Thorough research is done (that’s where the fun is) so that you can maximise your trip. Where to go. What to do. When is the best time to be there without being too burdensome (e.g., traveling during the winter may entail carrying so much luggage for winter clothes that it’s really not fun traveling during the winter season of your plan is to go shopping). Timing of events (e.g., SALE, concerts, dining privileges and more).

On my return flight, reality had begun to sink in as my tired weary body was returning to its physiological stage of reasoning on why the vacation has ended so quickly…

Upon arrival into Manila, you get a sense of being back home and not wishing it was home. Don’t get me wrong! It’s just that you get to wonder why our airport (that alone being the showcase window to the world) is not at par with the other airports where we came from? The customs counters were super efficient this time around (and kudos to that).  Then there were just 3 baggage belts working (2 were being fixed) and we came in with 5 flights almost one after the other. So you know what that meant. When you go out of the airport, the mayhem at the arrival area tells you that you are in Manila.  It’s such a let down that you’re trying to manoeuvre your baggage carts in the rain with a crowd of relatives that have flocked to the airport.  It’s a disappointment that you end up comparing our disorganised airports with those where we travel to.  The reality check is – I am back home.

The traffic.  The weather.  The work.

A few hour after arriving, I receive a call.  It is back to work.

Because, I owe, I owe…so off to work I go.

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