Winter wonderland

What if waking up and looking out your chalet, you just see snow falling, covering the whole expanse beyond what your eyes can see?

Pure powdery snow.

Welcome to Niseko. A ski resort on the northern top of Hokkaido, Japan.

To get there from the Philippines, you can take a 4 hrs flight to Haneda, Japan via PAL and change to a 2 hrs domestic flight via ANA into Sapporo airport in Hokkaido. (There is another route on Cathay Pacific via HongKong then into Sapporo).

Getting into Sapporo, one can take the 2-3 hrs bus ride (or if you’re splurging a bit, then spend for the private transfers) to the world’s most beautiful ski resort of Niseko.

While there are a couple of resorts one can stay in, for a family of 6, renting out a chalet can set you bank account a bit more, but the privacy and intimacy is beyond compare. And I would highly recommend KiNiseko at the Orchards.

This private getaway offers shuttle services to and from the resort residence to any of the ski resorts as well as to town at anytime of the day.

These photos do not do justice to the unforgettable relaxation and experience of enjoying the winter holidays (we went there the day after Christmas to spend the New Year there) in the most world’s most powdery snow land.

And if you think it’s just all about the resort or skiing, the food alone was worth the trip.

If you plan to get away from it all, and have to have that once in a lifetime winter wonderland vacation, I’d highly recommend Niseko.

Truly, one of the most beautiful sceneries you’d wake up to each day.

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