The losing attitude

We’ve all had horrible days.

I know we all want the sun to shine, moon to glow, stars to twinkle…but we don’t live in paradise.  And nothing in this world is perfect.  Not every day is your day.  Even if you think you woke up on the right side of the bed. And the attitude compass moves quickly from one pole to the next. Suddenly, we become Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Maxwell points out a few rules to remember when we’re having one of those “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days”.  And our attitude starts to dive.

RULE 1: Maintain the right attitude when the “going gets tough”.

RULE 2: Realise that the “rough weather” will not last forever.

RULE 3: Try to make major decisions before the storm.

RULE 4: Keep in contact with the control tower.

But crashes happen.  It is either internal or external.  As Maxwell puts it, either from within or without.

“There are certain storms within a person’s life that contribute to an attitude crash…They are part of us and must be constructively dealt with to bring inner peace and a wholesome attitude.”


This is the first inward storm.  Failure – we hide it, deny it, fear it, ignore it, and hate it.  We do everything but accept it.  Not the resignation or apathy.  But the understanding that failure is a necessary step to success.  The person who never makes a mistake never does anything.

Very little comes out right the first time.  Failures, repeated failures, are fingerprints on the road to achievement. Accepting failure in the positive sense becomes effective when you believe that the right to fail is as important as the right to succeed.  And it is impossible to succeed without suffering.  If you are successful and have not suffered, someone has suffered for you, and if you are suffering without succeeding, perhaps someone may succeed after you.  But there is not success without suffering.

Take a risk.  Climb out on a limb where the fruit is.  Too many people are still hugging the tree trunk, wondering why they are not receiving the fruit of life. Risks must be taken.  The greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.  The person who risks nothing does nothing, has nothing, and is nothing.  He may avoid suffering and sorrows, but he simply cannot learn, grow, feel, change, love, or live.

Attitude is the determining factor of whether our failures make us or break us.  Winners don’t quit! Failure becomes devastating and causes our attitude to crash when we quit.  To accept failure as final is to be finally a failure.


Discouragement causes us to see ourselves as less than we really are.  This fact becomes even more important when we realise that we cannot consistently perform in a manner that is inconsistent with the way we see ourselves.

Discourage comes when we:

  1. feel that opportunity for success is gone
  2. become selfish
  3. are not immediately successful in our attempts to do something
  4. lack purpose and a plan


Your attitude begins to falter when sin enters your life.  A withdrawal, a hardness, and a fleshy nature begin to invade us, all caused by sin.  It is first appealing, then appalling; first alluring, then alienating; first deceiving, then damning; it promises life and produces death; it is the most disappointing thing in the world.

Everything starts within us.  It’s easier to recognise the internal factors first because we have the ability to control these.  They are within our will power.  Within our grasp.  And only we, have the ability to steer our attitude in the right direction when we’re losing the altitude.

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