November 1

All roads lead to the cemetery. This year, it’s a very long weekend.

In the Philippines, I remember that during the growing up years, All Saints and All Souls Days are a mini reunion at the cemeteries. Family members would gather in droves, staying overnight, bringing food, mahjong tables, books, tents, and other recreational stuff. We would walk the whole cemetery reading epitaphs of other people, say a little prayer for our deceased relatives, and spend the day(s) binging on food and stories.

As we grew older, the number of family members going to the cemetery. A few were too busy with work and began chasing careers. The others had passed away and the cemetery eventually became their home. Others migrated and never came home again. I guess the changes in life has changed the way we celebrate the way we commemorate the day of the dead.

While people move on, there is a part of us that will never forget how important some memories are. Some day, we will all meet our maker. In the meantime, life goes on.

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