The new drivers in town and the data for 08.13.2021

There is no good news.

Friday the 13th ends with unsettling report of 13,177 newly announced cases. The additional bad news is that, of more than 57,000 tests done last August 11, 23.6% of them were positive. Which means that we brace ourselves for more cases in the upcoming days. Please remember that the new cases are not the same are the cases based on the tests done. They are two separate information – one on testing results and the other on newly verified cases.

The new cases now pushes the active cases closer to the 100,000 mark.

With 299 deaths announced today, the case fatality ratio for outcomes is at 1.84%.

While NCR stays on top, it is the CALBARZON area that is fazed with high cases especially Cavite and Laguna that are inundated as their hospitals see full occupancy. NCR now owns 27.3% of the total cases today. Together with CALABARZON and Central Luzon, these three regions account for two-thirds of the COVID-19 cases today.

Cavite is on a three-day streak of more than 1,000 new daily cases (not counting the backlogs of the Health Agency). The provinces of Cavite and Laguna alone were responsible for almost three-fourths of the cases in Region IVA.

Quezon City had a whopping 735 new cases in a single day, with most the LGUs in the NCR seeing triple digit numbers. Ten of 17 LGUs in NCR were among the top twenty cities with most cases. Three cities from Cebu were also in the top twenty, while three cities in Cavite and two cities in Laguna made it to the list.


The immediate neighbors of NCR are on the top of the heap among provinces with most cases for several days now. Not withstanding the delayed reporting of actual cases from the Health Agency (with the thousands of backlogs in its data drop), it is worrisome that the IATF declares a less stringent in the CALABARZON area.

While it is the NCR that is and has remained the epicenter of any surge in the country, it is undeniable also that the provinces that annex to the NCR with a very thin line demarcating the borders would carry the same risk the closer that boundary is. After all, it is the enclave for homes and industrial parks and warehousing for the offices of businesses in Mega Manila, where labor, rent, and taxes are lower than parking them in the highly congested Mega Manila.

Which makes common sense that these areas would primarily be affected during a surge in NCR. It is also the same community that utilizes (and usurps) the limited healthcare system of the NCR as those that can afford to be hospitalized in Mega Manila tertiary hospitals will have their sick patients admitted here instead.

In today’s report, CALABARZON is the spotlight as the 16 LGUs enumerated show a marked increase in cases, including incidence rate, hospital beds and ICUs filled to the brim in the majority.

To consider them lowering their quarantine status at this point makes no sense.

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