Almost 15K and 23.8% positivity on Thursday and the data for 08.19.2021

Will keep this short and simple.

The Health Agency reports 14,895 new cases today, and with a little more than 8K recoveries, the number of active cases are now over 110,000 (6.7% of the total cases and deaths with outcomes).

Close to 60,000 tests were done on August 17 with a positivity of 23.8%. At this rate 1 in every 4-5 people tested by PCR are testing positive.

Health care utilization suddenly jumped overnight from 61% to 73% ICU occupancy.

Newly reported deaths today are 258, bringing the case fatality ratio for outcomes at 1.84%.

NCR alone accounted for close to 30% of the total cases today. Other regions that reported quadruple digits were CALABARZON, Central Luzon and Northern Mindanao.

Cavite province has led among all provinces (and will continue to do so) the last week. This province accounts for the greater majority of cases among all the five provinces in the CALABARZON region. It is a wonder then, why it also has one of the most lax quarantine measures considering its contiguity to NCR. The challenge to addressing the pandemic response through using lockdown measures should take into consideration the neighboring areas of the epicenter of the pandemic. In this case, NCR. It will be more difficult and take a longer time to control the rising cases in NCR if Cavite Province has numbers that are surging as well.

While Quezon City continues to lead for the day, 12 of 17 LGUs in NCR are in the top 20 cities with most cases. Four cities in Cavite are in the top twenty as well.


The Health Agency released last August 15 the vaccine statistics (which I failed to post, but am posting for the information of the readers). The provided data in the infographic of the agency is based on national tally and not by region. Based on the data, a little close to 11% have been fully vaccinated (most of them recently) from various vaccines available including the single dose Janssen vaccine. As vaccine supplies are scarce, it will still take awhile before we can achieve a greater majority to be fully vaccinated. The target is quite huge considering that the supplies are coming in in trickles.

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