The low Wednesday and the data of 09.15.2021

In an unusual turn of events, the past Wednesdays have had lower cases than the low Tuesdays.

The Health Agency reports, close to 17,000 cases today. And with more than 24,000 new recoveries, brings down the active cases to a little above 170,000.

More than 57,000 tests done on September 13, showed a positivity of 25.9%.

There were 214 new deaths announced today, bringing the case fatality ratio for outcomes to 1.7%.

Rising ICU bed utilization in the NCR at close to 80% places the region in a critical state. As the region experimentally transitions to a new level of quarantine classification tomorrow, the balance between economy and health at a time of high cases will be tested.

The percentage range of cases for NCR is usually between 25-30% of the total cases for the day. The NCR is at the low range today with 25.8% of the total cases. Regions IVA and III continue to trail NCR. These three regions contributed to 57% of the total cases in the nation.

Cavite remains the province to beat. The provinces of Laguna, Rizal and Batangas, all within the CALABARZON region, are in the top 10.

Among LGUs, 10 of 17 LGUs in NCR are in the top twenty cities/municipalities with most cases. In NCR, Quezon City alone had more cases than the combined total of the cities of Taguig, City of Manila and Makati today. Three LGUs in Cavite join the top 20 list.

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