Passing 2.3M total COVID-19 cases and the data of 09.16.2021

The data today was expected. Remember, the reproduction number? It is still above 1.0.

The Health Agency reports 21,261 new cases today, pushing the active cases back to more than 177,000. The total cases today was enough to breach the 2.3M mark as the Philippines now has 2,304,192 COVID-19 cases.

Of the 74,149 tests done on September 14, the positivity rate jumps to 27%.

New deaths announced today are 277. The case fatality ratio for outcomes is at 1.69%.

While the R is a bit lower both in the NCR and nationally, the number of cases continue to rise.

The readers need to understand that a R of 1.0 indicates flat reproduction. If you had 1 case yesterday, with R at 1.0, you would have mostly likely 1 additional case tomorrow. With effective reproduction still above 1.0, the number of new daily cases continue to increase BUT have slowed down. In the NCR, the growth rate is down from 14% to 9%.

The bad news is that the positivity rate remains very high at 25% (albeit, lower than the national positivity rate of 27%).

The NCR accounted for a high median of 27.5% with 5,846 cases. NCR plus maintained more that 57% of the total cases in the country. Seven regions report 4 digit cases per region including Western Visayas, Ilocos Region, and Davao Region. All other regions report triple digits.

Cavite led among provinces with most cases, with Rizal, Laguna and Batangas in the top 10 provinces.

Twelve of 17 LGUs in NCR are in the top twenty cities/municipalities with most cases. Five LGUs in Region IVA were in the top twenty.

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