The hot zones, a positivity rate of 45%and the data for 01.22.2022

The cases remain above the 30000 mark as the numbers in NCR decline but are being offset by the rise in cases outside of Mega Manila.

The Health Agency announces 30,552 new cases based on more than 68,000 individuals tests with a positivity rate of 45.1% last January 20. With more recoveries than new cases, the active cases slow down a tad to a little above 280,000. More than 98% of the active cases were mild or asymptomatic at the time of testing.

Health care utilization is still at moderate levels in the NCR but is declining, while in the general trend is slightly up nationally, as the surge moves outside of the epicenter.

Total deaths added today are 97.

The NCR accounted for 21.8% of today’s cases with 6646. The major contributors to Mega Manila are: Quezon City 1217, Taguig 736, Parañaque 596, Manila 576, and Muntinlupa City 544. All other LGUs reported less than 500 cases with several now reported double digits. All are reporting lower cases, except for Muntinlupa City which seems to be having problems in controlling the surge in a locality of around 500,000 people.

In regions outside of NCR, Region 4a reports 6373 cases while Central Luzon had 2876. Other regions with more than 1000 cases include: CAR 1134, Ilocos 1653, Cagayan Valley 1140, Western Visayas 2003, Central Visayas 2269, Davao Region 1552, and Northern Mindanao 1052.

Returning Overseas Filipinos reported 138 positive COVID19 cases.


Prof. Guido David drills down the Highly Urbanized Cities in the Philippines in the midst of the Omicron surge. While NCR continues to have very high cases, its growth rate has considerably slowed down and is now on a negative trajectory. The Rt is down to 1.38, which means that, in spite of the RT-PCR only reports being churned by the Health Agency, there is an actual decline in cases with ADAR at 84 per 100,000 population. On the other hand, other cities are seeing a significant rise in numbers, especially Baguio City with an ADAR of 153 per 100,000 population and Davao City which saw 1,376 new cases yesterday, to lead among all LGUs in the country with an Rt or 4.04.

Provinces in the Philippines at very high risk based on ADAR are in the infographic below.

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