The war against Facebook

For those, who like me, share vetted information prior to posting, I find it biased on the side of Facebook bots and AI (well so much for artificial intelligence) to just provide punitive action on those that share valid and truthful information on their social media platform.

My recent tiff with Facebook was irritating. While it is a platform that allows a wider range of audience, many of the audiences, I have difficulty in filtering out those who are trolls and want to be ‘friends’ when they are not anywhere in my circle of ‘friends’.

The latest information dissed that was deleted by FB was related to the published article from The article, entitled ‘In rare cases coronavirus vaccines may cause Long Covid-like symptoms’ was flagged as FALSE INFORMATION.

It’s actually an excellent read as I have had some people who have been vaccinated with mRNA vaccines and have had symptoms similar to Long-Covid. This article is careful in saying that it DOES NOT imply that vaccines are harmful, but advice regulators and manufacturers to make sure that these new vaccines, which have seen short and early clinical trials with no long term information, be judiciously monitored.

While advocates may think that this kind of information will throw off people into getting vaccinated, the intent of the article is to shed light into the other side of the spectrum. The unknown world of adverse events. After all, everyone in the scientific world knows that there is no such thing as a drug without a side effect.

The benefit risk of a vaccine, biological agent or even antiviral should be weighed with its purported risks because in the realm of medicine (and not the world of social media) – we must first DO NO HARM.

It is ironic for FB to call out this post as FALSE INFORMATION but refuses to flag in its own marketplace or posts of online sellers on fake and counterfeit medicines. It does not take a lot of AI to flag sales of prescription medicines. The law does not allow the sale of any prescription drug online. What more medicines or vaccines that have only Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) approval! FB administrators do not have to go far in looking for what can and what cannot be vetted by bots or whatever intelligence they have left.

They also cannot say that the reviews are taking time because they have less people doing the review at a time of a pandemic. It is important to remember that when you take out relevant information and tag it as false wrongly and quickly, you must also be able to defend from your end why it was false. The onus does not lie in the one who posted the vetted information, but on the social media platform that claimed and tagged it as a false one.

While it is true that all social media platforms are free – and you are free to join or leave – there is a level of accountability by both the ones who post and those who provide this platform.

That accountability applies to Facebook as well.

The owner is just as liable as the user.

2 thoughts on “The war against Facebook

  1. Jill January 23, 2022 / 3:03 pm

    How many hoops do you have to jump through to get Fb to see they were wrong and correct themselves?


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